Company headquarters?
Multiple Stream Media, LLC
544 Sawmill Road
Hurley, New York 12443

How Much to Pay?
Minimum PPC: 0.25 $ - maximmu 1 $

How much you earn per month?
Max 40 $ per month (12.000 uni.visitor per month)

Minimum payout?
The minimum payout amount for publishers is 50$ which will be paid through mailing as a cheque . And , if you wish , you can spend your whole publisher earnings for advertising through the network . Therefore , AdClickMedia can be considered as a good alternative of Google Adsense for the publishers as well as for the advertisers.

I Must pay taxes?

What ad types are supported?
AdClickMedia provides you three types of ad channels , that are - Photo Text Ads , Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads . With Photo Text Ads , you can place customizable photo text ads on your webpages and get upto 50% of the total ad revenue . With Banner Ads , you can place image banners on your pages and can earn upto 50% of the total revenue that every click generates .

Is there any approval process?
Minimum 7 day.

Is adult and warez allowed?
AdClick Media reserves the right to edit, refuse, reject or remove any website or ad panel at its discretion at any time from the AdClick Media Service.

Got A List? You Might Qualify For This...
If you want to earn between $0.25 and $1 per click that comes from your lists, take a look at the E-mail PPC program. You can submit your list for approval in over 28 different categories, and start generating consistent income from every e-mal you send…as soon as today.

How much do I get for referring an advertiser?
There is also a affiliate program which gives you 10% of the earnings of your referrals for lifetime . The ads are always relevant to your pages because while you create your ad panel , you have to provide site's category . The size and color of the ads are completely customizable , you can type your own size and select your own color . That means , you can adjust the ads as your wish as it allows to type your own ad sizes . You can easily check your reports at anytime and your reports are provided to you daily through email .

Pay-Per-Click: Earn From Your Website Traffic
Display photo text ads, banner ads, and Interstitial ads on your website and start monetizing from your website today.

Commissions & Earnings:

- Pay per click
- Earn 50% per click
- Refer others and earn 10% from their monthly earnings

Ideal Affiliate Profile:

- Must have a website that is currently driving traffic
- Must have quality contents (not just ads)

Official Site:



AdclickMedia Affiliate Referrals

AdclickMedia Revenue Summary Reports

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